(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

Hyperion: The Hyperion corporation wishes to extend an olive branch, murderer. Should you considerably lower this world's bandit population, Hyperion is willing to reward you with a unique gun crafted just for you.

(Mission objectives update: Kill bandits 0/100, Optional: with incendiary weapon 0/25, with corrosive weapon 0/25, with shock weapon 0/25, with explosive weapon 0/25)

(Vault Hunter goes out and fullfill the quotas ...)

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

Hyperion: Congratulations -- you have fulfilled Hyperion's contract and have earned the right to a unique weapon. Please return for your reward.

(Vault Hunter returns for his reward.)

Hyperion: Enjoy the Hyperion ex-KCD experimental weapon. Custom designed for a murderer like yourself.

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