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For other use, see Hyperion Soldier.


The Hyperion soldiers are the main infantry unit from the Hyperion corporation. The Hyperion soldiers appear later in the game and are usually stationed in larger more important bases. They are notably seen wearing their signature Hyperion yellow on their armor and a single red visor in the center of their helmet.



Hyperion soldiers behave similarly to combat engineers, but wear body armor and thus are more resistant to damage. Unlike combat engineers, soldiers also have the ability to deploy portable turrets. Their main weapon of choice are assault rifles. Corrosive weapons are effective against them due to their armor, just like Hyperion loaders.


  • Hyperion Soldiers have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Hyperion Soldier
    • TVHM: Hyperion Commando
    • UVHM: Hyperion Anti-Freedom Fighter

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