I Can Do This Alone is a challenge in Titan Robot Production Plant worth 10 Badass points. This challenge is only completable during the storyline mission Let's Build a Robot Army, while the "Escort Felicity" objective is active. To complete this challenge, the player must prevent Felicity from killing any enemies during the walk back to the Assembly Hangar.


Felicity is extremely powerful during this section of the game, and will nearly instantly kill any enemies she gets close to. Her large robotic form is quite effective at blocking player fire, as well, so once she has engaged with enemies, it's nearly impossible to complete the challenge.

Instead, an effective tactic is to block Felicity's path so that she can't engage enemies. This is easiest when playing with multiple Vault Hunters, but can be done without too much trouble in singleplayer as well. A single Vault Hunter positioned at the appropriate spots before the three main engagement areas is sufficient to cause Felicity to stop.



  • As mentioned above, this challenge is only completable while the appropriate storyline mission is active, so it's possible to miss this challenge.

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