After accepting Mission

Censorbot: I am the Censorbot. All lewd behavior must be stopped. A deviant known as P3RV-E is in possession of sexually explicit materials. Please murder him, because morality.

(Vault hunter finds P3RV-E)

Censorbot: There is the sexual deviant. Dissasemble him.

P3RV-E: I enjoy looking at airbrushed images of reproductive organs.

(After killing P3RV-E)

Censorbot: Acceptable. Now collect the deviant's contraband. It must be studied further.

(After collecting magazines)

Censorbot: You have struck a great blow to the perversion corrupting Pandora. Return to me for more work.

(After turning mission in)

Censorbot: This filth is disgusting. I will determine the exact mathematical level of its disgustingness after further study.

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