This skill tree provides boosts to Claptrap and his teammates, particularly rewarding teamwork, taking damage and healing his friends.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Best Buds 4 Life
Best Buds 4 Life
1 5 Whenever you are revived or revive someone else, both of you gain +7% damage resistance and regenerate 0.5% max health per second per rank, for a few seconds. You gain +5% per rank to both gun damage while downed and Fight For Your Life duration.
Maniacal Laughter
Maniacal Laughter
1 5 Increases status effect chance by +4% per level. Dealing status effect damage to enemies grants stacks of Maniacal Laughter (max 200). You and your friends regenerate up to 0.03% max health per second per rank for each stack. You regenerate more health if your health is low.
Through Thick And Thin
Through Thick and Thin
2 5 Increases Action Skill cooldown rate by +4% per rank. While VaultHunter.EXE is running, this bonus is transferred to your allies.
Kick Him While Hes Down
Kick Him While He's Down
2 1 While in Fight For Your Life, you draw aggro from nearby enemies. Unlocks the ACTION PACKAGE Clap-in-the-Box.
All The Things Are Awesome
All The Things Are Awesome!
2 5 Increases your firerate by +3%, weapon swap speed by +3% and max health by +5% per rank. For each teammate in the game, you gain an additional +1% firerate, +1% weapon swap speed and +2% max health per rank.
Youre Going To Love Me
You're... GOING TO LOVE ME!!
3 1 Killing an enemy creates a Friendship Nova centered on it, healing you and any friends by up to 15% of your max health in the radius. Players with low health are healed for more. Unlocks the ACTION PACKAGE Gun Wizard.
Wax Off Wax On
Wax Off, Wax On
4 5 Increases your shield capacity and shield recharge rate by +3% and decreases your shield recharge delay by -3% per rank.
Its a Trap Card
It's a Trap... Card
4 1 When your shield is depleted, you release a Mega-Nova that heals you and your friends for up to 15% of your max health, and damages enemies. Players low on health are healed for more. Your shield must fully recharge between Novas.
Pain Simulator is Painful
Pain Simulator is Painful
4 5 Increases your max health by +6% per rank and grants damage reduction of +4.8% based on rank.
Kick Him While Hes Up
Kick Him While He's Up
5 5 When you gain a Second Wind, your gun damage, melee damage and critical hit damage are all increased by +5% per rank for a short time.
Organized Guns are Happy Guns
Organized Guns are Happy Guns
5 5 Increases your magazine size with all weapons by +5% per rank. Increases your teammates' magazine sizes by +2% per rank.
High Fives Guys
6 1 Hold [melee] to request a high five from your friends. If you receive a high five, you and your teammate receive +15% gun damage, +50% firerate and regenerate 3% max health per second for a while. If you don't receive a high five or don't have any teammates, you gain the gun damage and health regeneration bonuses for a few seconds. 30 second cooldown between high fives. This skill can be triggered by enemy melee attacks.

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