Ice Scream is a unique assault rifle manufactured by Vladof. It is the mission reward for Bunch of Ice Holes if the mission is turned in to Nurse Nina.

Special weapon Effects

Winter is numbing. – Always Cryo element. Slightly decreased damage and increased magazine size. Always spawns without a scope. No movement loss when aiming down the sights. Chimes when fired, mimicking an ice cream truck.

Usage & Description

The Ice Scream excels in immobilizing targets with its cryo element coupled with a fire rate on par with purple-rarity Vladof guns.


  • The speed of the Ice Scream's chimes is affected by the speed the gun's barrel is spinning - burst firing will result in slower, more distorted chiming.
  • Due to a bug, the chimes meant to be played by the Ice Scream may not play at all. It is also possible that the chimes can play when firing different assault rifles, but not the Ice Scream itself. If this bug occurs, it will persist until the end of the game session.
  • Swift is the only legitimate Name Prefix.
  • The reason that movement speed is not slowed when aiming down the sights is that rather than having sight_none as a listed sight, the Ice Scream simply has no sight part, and as such is listed only as "none" in the game code. This means that when a player aims, the game displays the aim-down-sights animation, but treats movement and effects as if they are not actually aiming down sights.


  • The red flavor text is a parody of the phrase, "Winter is coming," from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series.