Immortal Woods is an area of woods and ruins in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Fields of the Fallen

That One Blimp You Destroyed

This is an area holding the burning wreckage of the patrol blimp previously destroyed in Flamerock Refuge. The white knight Roland makes his first appearance in the campaign at this location.

Sacred Ruins

The Sacred Ruins is an old ruined church area, with little left of the structure, but some crumbling walls and the remains of a dome in the middle. An upper floor in the middle section can be accessed by scaling a wall in the north-east corner of the Sacred Ruins, running along the top and leaping across to a wall adjoining the middle structure.

Conqueror's Crypt

Earthen Vein Chasm

Earthen Vein Chasm is a deep ravine separating the Immortal Woods from the mountains supporting the Mines of Avarice. A winding path with a cliff wall on one side, and sheer drop on the other, leads to a bridge across the chasm to the mines. Only dragons inhabit this area, and most are flightless juveniles on the path itself, although some can be seen in the skies above.





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