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RF C Cobalt Firehawk

Example of an incendiary weapon.

The Incendiary elemental property adds the effect of fire to weapons, grenade mods, shields, and some enemies. It is most effective against unshielded fleshy enemies, such as Bruisers and younger skags. Incendiary bullets burst into flames on impact. When an incendiary elemental chance successfully triggers, the enemy is ignited, dealing damage over time. If the enemy dies due to fire damage, their corpse will burn away. If the enemy is wearing armor, the armor will not burn and is left on the ground.The flames of certain weapons have a splash effect and can spread from enemy to enemy and the effect will stack. Weapons with Incendiary elemental properties often have red coloring on parts of the weapon's model.

Barrels which are red in color contain flammable material and explode and release a large bursts of flame when destroyed.



Incendiary attacks inflict 120% damage against (unshielded) flesh, 50% against shields, and 80% against armor.


  • Lilith has skills and class mods specifically tuned to enhancing incendiary damage.
  • Burning Psychos are resistant to incendiary damage.

Borderlands 2


Normal Mode

Incendiary attacks inflict 50% additional damage against unshielded flesh, but 25% less damage against shields and unshielded armor.

True Vault Hunter Mode

Incendiary attacks inflict 75% additional damage against unshielded flesh, but 60% less damage against shields and unshielded armor.

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