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Infinite Loop is an optional mission available in Research and Development.

“The hardest decision a vault hunter ever makes... which insane AI personality to shut down in the name of glory and shiny things?”



  • Investigate computer problem
  • Find restraining bolt
  • Pick up restraining bolt
  • Bring back restraining bolt
  • Override CLAP-9000



"No one stands between a Vault Hunter and their loot."

Turn In: CLAP-9000 or DAN-TRP

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  • Choosing to put the restraining bolt on DAN-TRP means the mission is turned into CLAP-9000 to receive the Snowball grenade item.
  • Choosing to put the restraining bolt on CLAP-9000 means the mission is turned into DAN-TRP to receive the Mining Laser laser weapon.
  • Mission items:
    • Restraining Bolt - "For restraining CL4P-TP units. Not as kinky as it sounds."


  • The names of the two Claptrap units in this side mission (CLAP-9000 and DAN-TRP) as well as their behaviors and speech mannerisms reference two famous artificial intelligences: HAL-9000 from the movie 2001: A Space Odysee and SHODAN from the System Shock video games.

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