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Innervate is a tier 4 skill in Zer0's Cunning skill tree. It gives increased movement speed, damage, and health regeneration while in Decepti0n.


  • Gun Damage: +2% per level
  • Regeneration: +0.8% per level
  • Movement Speed: +7% per level
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Gun Damage +2% +4% +6% +8%+10%
Regeneration +0.8% +1.6% +2.4% +3.2%+4.0%
Movement Speed +7% +14% +21% +28%+35%

There are no class mods that boost this skill beyond 5 levels.


  • Deception lasts for 6 seconds. So at full rank Zer0 can regenerate up to 24% of his maximum health. Combined with the Legendary Hunter class mod, Zer0 gets a fairly remarkable source of health regeneration that is available every 15 seconds.
  • The bonus gun damage only applies to the first shot fired since firing a gun brings Zer0 out of deception.

Zer0 Skills
Sniping Cunning Bloodshed

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