Inspire is a tier 3 skill in Jack's The Hero of This Story skill tree.


Inspire causes Jack to occasionally say something to his Vault Hunters that he considers kind or profound, followed by a visual effect and a sound clip.

This skill also causes Jack to insult the Vault Hunters after they respawn, and the word "Disillusioned" will wipe across the screen in a similar manner to the "Inspired" visual effect, accompanied by sad music and an image of Jack looking dejected with sad tears coming off of him sliding across the screen. This only occurs if the Vault Hunter's death was a short time after Jack's inspiration effect occurs.

In terms of gameplay, it does nothing.



Inspired effect

  • Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you'll... something... something... stars!
  • You know who you remind me of? Me!
  • You've got a great personality!
  • You're doing pretty well!
  • You must be great -- you're hanging out with me!
  • You're not the ugliest person I've ever met!
  • NEVER limit yourself!
  • Hey... player...! You're really good at this game!
  • It's in our moments of decision that destiny is shaped!
  • You're -- uh -- special?
  • Follow your hearts... and stuff.
Dying and respawning shortly after an "Inspire" quote
  • I thought you were better than that, frankly.


  • It is possible for the trigger of "Inspire" to cause dialogue skipping when listening to NPCs talking.

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