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Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion is the sixth story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Take scrambler
  • Go to Stingray garage
  • Unlock garage door
  • Input 8-0-0-8
  • Access vehicle station
  • Get a Stingray
  • Find Davis Pickle
  • Talk to Davis Pickle
  • Listen to plan
  • Cross bridge to Drakensburg
  • Override bridge control
  • Dump methane
  • Enter pumping station
  • Activate pumping station
  • Redirect flow
  • Dump methane
  • Cross lava bridge
  • Enter Drakensburg
  • Get to engine room
  • Set engines to full power
  • Destroy flow regulator
  • Open power stabilizer
  • Destroy power stabilizer
  • Overload engine core
  • Jettison engine
  • Enter engine core
  • Find force field controls
  • Return to command center
  • Kill Bosun
  • Enter AI Hub
  • Meet up with Skipper
  • Open AI core



Acquire an AI core.

You've found an AI core that should suit the needs of a blossoming robot army. Now for the body...

Turn In: Skipper

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