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Interview with a Vault Hunter is an optional mission given by Moxxi in Badass Crater Bar.



"Never underestimate the power of PR."


"Moxxi recorded a bunch of interviews with Mister Torgue (wherein she talked about what an unrepentant badass you are), but the interview tapes have gone missing. She's asked you to find them and return them to her."
  • Find lost recorders: 0/5


Most recorders are located in the far corners of the Badass Crater of Badassitude and can easily be found while following the markers. The only recorder that is difficult to reach is located in the same area as the Fan Club Membership challenge, which requires players to perform a series of jumps. The others are all protected by bikers, with bikes around the road areas, and Torgue bikers on foot near the connection to The Forge.


"The contents of these interviews should convince the other gladiators that (A) you're a force to be reckoned with, and (B) your trainer is really weird."

Turn In: Moxxi


  • Mission Item: Torgue Event Recording - "An interview where Moxxi and Mister Torgue discuss your badassitude."

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