Is The Doctor In? is granted by the Jakobs Cove Claptrap after securing the town's defences.



Find Dr. Ned.
Is The Doctor In?01:21

Is The Doctor In?

Video Walkthrough

  • Gate Opened: 0/1
  • Office found: 0/1

"Claptrap has told you that there is a doctor who could use your help to stop the zombies. Find Dr. Ned's office down at the docks and figure out what's going on."


Several Corpse Eaters are perched on and around Dr. Ned's office building and a flock circles overhead. They will take flight if disturbed and attack anything that ventures too close to the building. Perched corpse eaters can be taken out at a distance, with an accurate weapon such as a sniper rifle, without stirring the others. Firing into the circling flock of corpse eaters, however, will trigger the others to attack. Incendiary weapons are especially effective against corpse eaters.


"Dr. Ned is nowhere to be seen, but there is a note on the door..."


  • Once the mission is turned in, the local Claptrap announces that there are new missions available at the Jakobs Cove Bounty Board.


  • This is a play on the name of the second mission of Borderlands, The Doctor Is In.

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