It's a Fair Cop is a challenge for breaking the law in front of CU5TM-TP in Concordia.


CU5TM-TP will, unless certain missions that require its presence are active, patrol around Concordia searching for rule's violations.

There are multiple ways of breaking the law, performing any one of them is enough to complete the challenge. After performing any given offense, CU5TM-TP will write and hold up a ticket. Taking the ticket will complete the challenge. CU5TM-TP will patrol to near the flammable dumpster and wait a while, then move to the grass area, and repeat. Once CU5TM-TP has issued a ticket, it will cease patrolling until Concordia is refreshed, either via travelling to another area or quitting and continuing.

Near to the entrance to Serenity's Waste is a small raised area containing grass. Jumping on this area when CU5TM-TP is present will cause it to issue a ticket for standing on a super-rare plant.

Between the statue and the Serenity's Waste gate is a dumpster marked as flammable. Shooting it with a fire weapon when CU5TM-TP is nearby will cause it to issue a ticket.

Another offense CU5TM-TP mentions is that illegal weapons disposal is a crime. Weapons dropped from a character's inventory will cause CU5TM-TP to issue a ticket.

There are two sets of stairs leading to a small platform just below the platform with The Meriff's statue. With CU5TM-TP at this location, Vault Hunters must head to the platform below and, using the Drop Weapon key, toss the equipped weapon over the railing. Only at this location CU5TM-TP will issue a ticket for Illegal weapon disposal.



  • Under certain circumstances, CU5TM-TP may clip inside of the dumpster when it comes to investigate and issue the ticket. This does not prevent completion of the challenge as the ticket is held high enough to be easily interacted with.
  • In spite of the ticket that is issued listing a $100 fine, no funds will be deducted from the character.
  • Mission Item: Violation Ticket - "For violation of the Proper Space Waste Disposal Act."