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It's Like Christmas!
Location Crimson Armory
Given By Marcus Kincaid
Previous Local Trouble
Game Borderlands
Downloadable Content The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
Mission Type Optional mission



Grab as much loot as you can!

  • Countdown started: 0/1
  • Steal loot: 0/1
  • Boom!: 0/1
"Marcus is allowing you to have another run through the old Lance armory. However, his rules are the same. You only have a short time before getting kicked him killing you."


Exactly the same as Loot Larceny and Super-Marcus Sweep.


"Hopefully the third time was the charm."


  • While the mission description and accompanying ECHO messages indicate that players should escape the armory before time runs out, the gate separating the courtyard and the outer area where the vending machines are located will be closed. The mission will always conclude with the detonation of the armory and the respawning of characters at the New-U Station. As such, players should instead focus all their time and efforts on looting the armory.


  • The title is a reference to Roland, who occasionally says "It's like Christmas!" when opening a chest.
  • The phrase can also be found in one of the developer's comments after completing the main game.

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