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Jakobs Cove Bounty Board
Purpose Provide Missions

Jakobs Cove Bounty Board is located in the town of Jakobs Cove where 97% of the population has been turned into zombies.


When Is The Doctor In? is completed, this bounty board becomes accessible.

Side Missions

Name Location Level Reward
Missing: Hank Reiss Jakobs Cove 10/20 2160XP, $3882, Combat Rifle/3960XP, $12057, Combat Rifle
Eggcellent Opportunity! Jakobs Cove 10/20 2376XP, $1552, Class Mod/4356XP, $4823, Class Mod
Pumpkinhead (mission) Hallow's End 20 5280XP, $4823, Sniper Rifle
Leave It To The Professionals Generally Hospital 21/26 2760XP, $6752/3359XP, $11900
Here We Go Again Lumber Yard 27 5220XP, $26656
It's Alive Dead Haven 26 6719XP, $9520, Sub-Machine Gun
The Pack Generally Hospital 26 10079XP, $9520
Upsale Jakobs Cove 25 1296XP, $2550


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