Jakobs Fodder has you collect evidence to prove who is behind the zombie infestation.


You have found out who is behind the zombies, now to prove it.


Jakobs Fodder11:05

Jakobs Fodder

Video Walkthrough


Collect evidence and notify Jakobs of Dr. Ned's experiments
  • ECHO 1 taken: 0/1
  • ECHO 2 taken: 0/1
  • Comm array located: 0/1
  • ECHO sent: 0/1
"Dr. Ned seems to be behind the zombies. You decide to contact Jakobs so that he doesn't get away with it, but first you feel you better have more evidence to ensure they believe you. Surely they'll send more troops or some other help, right? You'll need to find a satellite communications array in order to send the ECHOS to them."


1. Turn around and collect ECHO 1 off of a table in the alcove.
2. ECHO 2 is on a shelf.
3. Now fight your way through the horde of zombies who are between you and the way point on your map. NOTE: Coming out of the "secret room," immediately turn left. A path will open as you exit, but it can be difficult to see if zombies are attacking, and the game makes no effort to direct you toward it so it's easy to miss.
4. Head up the stairs to the COMM room. Send the message.


"You sent word to Jakobs and they have already responded."

Additional Information

  • Dr. Ned, 2nd ECHO recording: "Greetings, loyal Nedcast viewership. Now in the third week of clinical trials with corpse reanimation. The skin cells reacted well to the treatment but the bodies themselves seem to have uncontrollable hunger. Right now, it seems all they crave is raisins and bran muffins, but I fear with strength applied to the reanimation their hunger will grow much stronger and possibly dangerous. Fear not, I will trudge forward unhindered by the possible destruction of mankind. Am I mad? Probably but at least I DON'T MAKE POPCORN WHEN PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO WORK!"
  • Comm Array, after locating it: "Reorienting satellite dish. Please commence cowering in terror from zombie presence."
  • Comm Array, before sending the ECHO message to Jakobs: "Dish positioned, or at least close enough. Transmission commencing on 56K connection. Please wait."
  • Comm Array, upon sending the ECHO message to Jakobs: "Transmission received. Thank you for using our state of the art interstellar science magician to send your message!"


Nearby Missions


  • Sometimes Infantry or other things are called "Cannon Fodder", basically people/things who/that are used to waste the enemies bullets, usually in the form of being shot. There are plenty of Zombies and Crimson Lance Zombies in Dead Haven that will soak up your ammo. Since all can be considered to be under the employment of Jakobs, they are "Jakobs Fodder"
  • "Jakobs Fodder" may be a reference to the 1990 psychological thriller / horror film "Jacob's Ladder", in which Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins) attempts to find evidence and hold the military legally responsible for experimenting on him and his friends with a hallucinatory drug during their combat in Vietnam. At the end of the movie, a message is displayed mentioning the testing of a drug named BZ, NATO code for a deliriant and hallucinogen known as 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate that was rumored to have been administered to U.S. troops by the government in a secret attempt to increase their fighting power.

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