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Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous

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Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous
Location Rust Commons West
Given By Patricia Tannis
Level 27
Rewards 3480 XP, $5331
Playthrough 2
Level 46
Rewards 6912 XP, $45916
Previous The Next Piece
Next Jaynistown: A Brother's Love
Game Borderlands
Mission Type Story mission




Cross the drawbridges and talk to Taylor Kobb, outside of Jaynistown.

  • Claptrap talked to: 0/1
  • Taylor Kobb found: 0/1
"I'm reading traces of Eridian artifact activity out at the Trash Coast, so we're going there next. It's across the drawbridges, so talk to one of the Claptraps there. Pierce has already given you the necessary credentials. It's a little shady, but I've arranged for a meeting with a bandit named Taylor Kobb. The bandits of Jaynistown control access to the Trash Coast, but he says he can get us in."



"I heard you want to get into the Trash Coast. I can get you in there, but you're gonna do a favor for me, first. I've got a special job, one that I'd like to keep on the down-low, if you know what I mean. It'd be best for everyone if Helena Pierce never hears about this."

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