Jaynistown: Spread The Word is a story mission in Borderlands given by Taylor Kobb.


"You've removed my brother from power. The next step is to gather my supporters. My right-hand man is a fellow named Erik Franks. You'll find him in New Haven, keeping an eye on that Pierce bitch. Report to him, and he'll spread the word. Once we've gotten the word out, we'll clean the remaining trash out of Jaynistown. I mean, Taylortown!"


Jaynistown Spread The Word01:25

Jaynistown Spread The Word

Video walkthrough


Speak with Erik Franks in New Haven.
  • Erik Franks found


Erik Franks can be found at the back of the town of New Haven, in the Tenement District by a building with a large radar dish on the roof.


"We never thought we'd see this day, the day when Jaynistown was liberated from the tyranny of Jaynis Kobb. Long live Taylor Kobb! I'll inform the rest of the men."

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