Killing Time is a challenge in Triton Flats of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


The train station is in the far north. When Vault Hunters climb the stairs, take the lift up, and enter the boarding level where the tracks are, three shugguraths will spawn, one at a time, each accompanied by a swarm of rathyds. Each should spawn shortly after the previous one is killed. The timer should start when the first shuggurath spawns.

All three should be vulnerable to fire weapons, and can be easily dispatched, especially if the rathyds are ignored and fire is focused on the shugguraths.

It is possible to jump stingrays to the station by launching at speed from the broken rail nearby. Their firepower brought to bear on the shugguraths can help expedite their demise.



  • If missed, this challenge can be attempted again by restarting or returning later.

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