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Kinetic Armor is a tier 5 skill in Wilhelm's Dreadnought skill tree. Each rank in the skill increases Wilhelm's maximum health by 5%, and offers a increased chance of Explosive Feedback striking nearby attackers (up to 5% per rank).



  • Explosive Feedback damage is increased by grenade damage and explosive damage buffs.
  • The damage inflicted by the feedback is not large, roughly what a quality Torgue pistol of the same level would deliver unbuffed, and it does not stun or knock back its target. The Torgue pistol, however, benefits from gun damage as well as grenade damage buffs.
  • Explosive Feedback that takes place on an enemy's melee strike against Wilhelm may kill the enemy before the damage is registered against Wilhelm. If that same melee strike cripples Wilhelm, the enemy will not be available for Second Wind.

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