King of the Hill is a challenge in Outlands Canyon to collect climb to the top of "the eye"; a large tower in the research facility compound that resembles the Helios moonbase.


There are numerous platforms along the western wall of the tower that can be climbed on using careful maneuvering and well-timed boosts. A majority of the platforms are colored red-orange. A minimum of 50 oxygen is required for first jumps until the air vent is reached.


Challenge location


Illustrated jumps guide

  1. Jump on to the circular vent on the small building at the base of the tower
  2. Spint-jump across to the lowest platform, use an air-boost in the middle of the jump to maintain momentum
  3. Stand on outside edge of the platform jump and air-boost to reach the second platform directly above
  4. The third platform is around the left corner, stand on the left edge of the second platform jump and air-boost whilst maneuvering around the corner to the third platform
  5. The fouth platform is the airvent connected to third platform, a simple jump and air-boost will suffice.
  6. Stand on the outward facing edge of the air-vent, jump and air-boost to reach the fifth platform
  7. Stand on either the left or right edge of the fifth platform and jump, then hold the movement key in the same direction as the edge you are standing on, immediately release the key once you drift over the sixth platform. An air-boost is not required, the jump will give you just enough height to reach the sixth platform.
  8. The final three jumps are simply regular jumps whilst holding forward
  9. The challenge will complete when you are on the platform with the red chest


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