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Kraggon Boulders are large incendiary-based kraggons in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



Kraggon Boulders behave largely identically to the smaller Kraggon Immolators, but with more power in their attacks. However, true to their name, they have a unique attack that is often prioritized over their others - they will retreat to a distance, curl up into a ball and then rapidly roll towards their target, inflicting significant damage and knock-back.

As with all incendiary-based kraggons, Kraggon Boulders are almost completely immune to incendiary damage, and are highly susceptible to cryo damage.


  • When a Kraggon Boulder is killed, it will break apart into either two Kraggons or a Kraggon and a Kraggon Immolator.
  • Kraggon Boulders can only ever appear when broken apart from a Badass Kraggon. The only exception to this rule is during the mission The Empty Billabong, where up to three Kraggon Boulders can appear (the other kraggons that can appear in their place are Kraggon Eruptors). These Kraggon Boulders do not respawn after the mission is complete.

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