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"Try this on for size!"
Title Krom
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandit
Level Boss
Location Krom's Canyon
Game Borderlands
Krom's title screen.

Krom is a bandit leader in the Rust Commons and is the third "actual" boss. Krom's Canyon is his home and in his possession is the second piece of the vault key. Upon confronting Krom, he attacks with a turret which fires rockets and machine gun rounds. Upon death, he drops his unique repeater pistol, Krom's Sidearm.

The mission to kill Krom, entitled The Next Piece, comes from Crazy Earl. View that page for details and strategy.


Krom worked as a prison warden for Dahl until the prisons were abandoned and the convicts set free. His real name is Leslie, which he always hated and changed as soon as Baron Flynt set him up as second in command.


Main article: The Next Piece


  • Krom's Turret regenerates health along with Krom himself.
  • Krom can be 'killed' twice. There is a possibility of having him flung to the bottom of the canyon when the turret is destroyed. He can then be killed at the bottom. A second amount of XP will be awarded for a kill in this manner.
  • Once Krom is out of his turret, he is a very soft target.
  • Curiously, even though he is seen carrying a revolver in his intro, his sidearm is actually a repeater.
  • Sometimes, when Krom's turret is destroyed, he remains alive, but stuck in the sitting position as if he were still in the turret. He can be killed easily when this occurs, giving full XP and drops.


  • Get em! Get em!
  • Minions attack!
  • There's more than one way to skin a merc!
  • Suck on this!
  • Don't just stand there, shoot!
  • Got someone else for ya!
  • Destroy them! Destroy them, leave nothing left! Ain't nothin! Nothin!
  • I hate this shithole planet anyway. (Death rattle) - upon death
  • Finally, a worthy challenger!
  • What do I keep you around for? Shoot 'em!
  • Eat this!
  • Try this on for size!
  • I never liked this planet anyway! (Sob) - upon death


  • The model for Krom was originally on an outrider with a psycho axe (from pre-launch trailer).

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