Krom's Canyon Weapon Crate Locations

554px-Krom's Canyon Chest Locations

Location of crates in Krom's Canyon.

Location 1

Near the spawn go up the ramp ahead. This leads to the top a cliff. The crate is around there.

Location 2

From spawn, go to the path on the left. Eventually there will be at a path that goes to the left and right. Go to the left and there will be a cave containing the chest.

Location 3

At the new-u station closest to where Krom spawns, follow the path on the right. It is behind cover.

Location 4

This crate is behind Krom's Gatling Gun.

Location 5

From spawn, follow the path ahead. This leads to the 2nd new-u station. From there, go up the ramp. Use the crate map for a bit of help with this crate. It is behind shelter.

Location 6

Go past the shelter containing crate 5. Eventually there will reach a dead end. Search the area for a lever that can be used. When used, it opens an area. Turn right at the newly opened area. The crate is before a cliff.

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