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Kyros is a non-respawning Crimson Lance officer, encountered during the mission This Bitch is Payback. He can be found at the southern roadblock on The Ridgeway. Kyros wears the armor of a Lance Chemical Trooper, granting him resistance to corrosive damage and he can deploy the corrosive guided missile-shooting Scorpio Turret used by Badass Chemical Troopers.


Not much is known about Kyros, other than he was a cruel and demanding officer of the Crimson Lance. Athena claims that she has had some unpleasant issues with Kyros when she was in the Lance.


Kyros is a boss who is fought as part of the mission, This Bitch is Payback.




Main article: This Bitch is Payback



  • Kyros is the Greek spelling of Cyrus (Κῦρος in the original Greek).
  • Kyros counts as a Badass Lance for the mission Mop Up.

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