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For other uses, see Engineer.

The Lance Engineer is a member of the Crimson Lance. Engineers wear heavy armor, restricting their movement to walking speed but giving them much higher durability than Lance Infantry. Engineers are capable of deploying Scorpio Turrets in battle, which will provide them with cover and lay down extra weapons fire on their enemies.



Lance Engineers move slowly and are easy targets as a result. They don't run for cover, seeking instead to drop their turret and use that for cover during a skirmish. They most often wield combat rifles, SMGs, or shotguns. They will also use grenades, as well as wear shields over their heavy armor, further adding to their durability.

The easiest way to deal with a Lance Engineer involves interrupting the line of sight between the turret and the Vault Hunter to deal with the Engineer alone, whether by flanking around and behind the turret, or by using available cover to cut its fire. As the turret will disappear when its Engineer has been killed, it is advisable to first eliminate the Engineer when under extreme duress, although the turret itself may also be destroyed first for additional experience points.

Badass Engineers wear an extra-heavy, bullet-proof armor that renders most of their body immune to gunfire. This means that only head shots will do normal damage. They will use all the tactics of a regular Engineer, including the use of a Scorpio Turret.


Lance Engineers have different names in each difficulty level:

  • Playthrough 1: Lance Engineer
  • Playthrough 2: Lance Machinist
  • After Playthrough 2: Lance Technician

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