Lance Infantry are the most commonly encountered Crimson Lance soldiers. They wear light armor that gives them some protection, but keeps them unencumbered so they can move around quickly. This makes them the least protected but most mobile of the Lance forces. Some of them wear shields, but not all. Despite these factors, they still have more health and better strategy than your typical bandit.



Lance Infantry wield a wide array of weaponry, but favor SMG's, combat rifles, shotguns, and the occasional rocket launcher. They also employ grenades frequently, often with a grenade mod. Their weapons are generally of a higher quality than those found on bandits.

Tactically, Lance Infantry units will seek cover once they sustain heavy fire. They will often run to low obstructions and will use these for cover while fighting, and crouch behind them when they need to reload.

Badass Infantry have much more health than their lesser counterparts, and wear heavy chest armor that makes them immune to torso and arm shots. Additional thigh plates also reduce damage to a region normally vulnerable on standard Infantry. They often wield higher powered weapons than the basic infantry lancer and are more likely to posses a shield.


  • Lance Infantry units have different names based on the difficulty:
  • Playthrough 1: Lance Infantry
  • Playthrough 2: Lance Marine
  • Playthrough 2.5: Lance Commando

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