The Lascaux (pronounced “La-sk-aoh”) is a unique aftermarket submachine gun manufactured by Dahl. Lascaux can be found submerged in a shallow pool in Frostburn Canyon.

Special Weapon Effects

The gun of the Bulls. – Very high, variable burst-fire count. Bullet pattern is similar to the Lascaux cave paintings (see Trivia below). Accuracy value on item card is incorrect, with actual value being much lower. Never elemental. Fires two bullets per round of ammo consumed. Firing the Lascaux does not result in a loss of accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Lascaux is an surpisingly powerful unique weapon for two reasons. First is that it uses one ammo count to fire two bullets, effectively giving it a rate of fire of 14.2-16.0 and twice its listed capacity. This trait gives it top tier rate of fire, that very few weapons in the game can contend with. This is useful especially in close quarters where its high fire rate will ravage targets even without making critical hits. Second, it has an unusually high fire rate with 9 to 14 rounds in burst fire mode, which means when zoomed in, one pull of the trigger will fire 18 to 28 bullets. Most other Dahl guns have at most 5 rounds in a burst, and the number of rounds in burst fire mode is fixed. Although the Lascaux has no muzzle climb, its firing pattern has a relatively large spread and makes it inaccurate beyond mid-range to close range. The Lascaux is highly variable and is nearly useless at long ranges, as the spray is very large and highly random. It is lethal at low ranges but quickly loses effectiveness with distance.


  • Gaige can make effective use of the Lascaux with Close Enough, allowing the random firing pattern to shred targets when the bullets which didn't hit ricochet.
  • The Lascaux is a good weapon choice for Gaige if she's focused on the Anarchy tree, as accuracy won't matter and the combined times for unloading and reloading magazines are relatively short.
  • The Lascaux may be acquired at any time, but will not scale to the character's level during Normal Mode or while the story plot is in progress in True Vault Hunter Mode.
  • The Lascaux is very useful if picked up during early levels as it can put out a large amount of damage in a short period of time.
  • No stock on the Lascaux seems to make a difference to any of its stats or recoil. This leaves the only significant parts variance to the grip and accessory. The Dahl stock will decrease the damage, but increase the reload speed and magazine size, and will have no effect on the Lascaux's accuracy.
  • The best possible variant of the Lascaux is Dahl grip and the Flying prefix. This results in the greatest overall DPS at mid-range.
  • A Lascaux will spawn every time Frostburn Canyon is entered. Exiting and entering it repeatedly will spawn multiple Lascauxs in succession.
    • This is a special trait, allowing players to obtain a powerful SMG with little effort, regardless of level.
  • This weapon dropped from Warlord Turge on Day 26 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt. A hotfix on that day increased the stability of the Lascaux and all other Dahl submachine guns.
  • The Lascaux is an effective weapon against loaders, as its unique shot pattern has a tendency to hit their critical spots. The natural level of the Lascaux in each playthrough is usually effective against loaders up to the point near the end of A Dam Fine Rescue.


  • Lascaux is a cave system in France, famous for its well-preserved palaeolithic paintings of dun horses, Aurochs, and Megaloceros. Further reference can be inferred from the effect description ('The gun of the Bulls.'): Aurochs are an extinct predecessor to the domesticated cow.


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