Laser Guided is a tier 3 skill in Wilhelm's Hunter-Killer skill tree.

When you activate Wolf and Saint, or press the action skill button (F by default) while they are active, Saint will Paint the target under your reticle. Wolf will focus attacks on the currently Painted target, and the target will suffer increased damage from all sources for a period of 8 seconds. If a target is killed while Painted, time will be added to Wolf and Saint's Duration.


  • Target Damage Received: +25%,
  • Wolf and Saint Duration: +5 seconds on Painted enemy kills


Laser Guided is a skill that adds greatly to Wilhelm's playstyle. With it, Wilhelm can keep Wolf and Saint active indefinitely, provided he is able to keep on painting and killing enemies.

When used in conjunction with Rolling Thunder, Laser Guided allows Wolf to build up far more stacks than without it. It also works well indirectly with Overcharge builds focused around constantly summoning and recalling Wolf and Saint, as the duration increase results in more cooldown refunded.


  • Wolf must be active in order for Wilhelm to paint targets.
  • The damage bonus is multiplicative, and is thus affected by all of Wilhelm's other damage skills as well as the other characters' skills.

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