Law is a unique pistol manufactured by Jakobs. Law can be obtained as a mission reward from Marshall Friedman after completing Won't Get Fooled Again and as a rare drop from the Sheriff of Lynchwood.

Special Weapon Effects

De Da. – Always spawns with a blade, granting a +100% melee damage bonus. In addition, if the shield Order is equipped, melee attacks with Law will restore the character's health, at a rate of 25% of the damage dealt. +100% accuracy when scoped (not shown on weapon card).

Usage & Description

Law always spawns with a bayonet which gives it +100% melee damage, and is one of only two weapons in the game with a melee bonus higher than 50%. This makes it very useful for melee-focused character such as Zero's Bloodshed or Krieg's Mania builds. Unless the Law is used with its companion shield Order, the assault rifle Rapier has double the melee damage bonus of the Law and therefore is superior for the purpose of increasing melee.

The Law also has an invisible +100% accuracy bonus when scoped, giving it accuracy comparable to a sniper rifle. This can be used to the fullest by a Mechromancer invested in the Anarchy tree. Since the negative accuracy of an Anarchy stack is countered by the bonus on the Law, Mechromancers can retain perfect accuracy with up to 57 stacks of Anarchy, while any more will decrease the accuracy by the usual amount per stack.


  • The Law's unique accessory does not give it the "Bowie" prefix. It takes its prefix instead from its grip.
  • The Law can only spawn with a Dahl barrel.


  • The flavor text is a play on the verbal expression, "La-dee-da" (notably the catchphrase of the 1977 movie Annie Hall).
  • Law's relation to the Order is a reference to the phrase "Law & Order" popular in Western culture, dating back to at least the 1700s.
  • There is a faint drawing of a smiley face located on top of the barrel, just in front of where it joins to the body. This is most easily viewed when sprinting, and is covered by certain sights.

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