There is a secret pathway in the area connecting the Aquatic Observation Area to the Aquatic Life Stabilization Area in the Research and Development, as shown on the map below.


Easiest way to enter the secret area is by standing on a railing right above the entrance and facing away from the water then taking one step back. Using the boost from an Oz kit at the right moment while falling down will provide enough lateral thrust for a safe landing. At the end of the secret pathway there is an elevator leading back up to the level above.



  • Falling below waterfall level results in instant death.
  • Destroying a surveillance camera which can be found in this area counts towards the Can't See Me challenge.
2014-10-19 00003-0

The location of the secret pathway on the map.

2014-10-19 00004

The secret pathway below located above a pool of water.

2014-10-19 00005
2014-10-19 00006

The elevator that can be found at the end of the secret passageway.

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