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Leaving Fyrestone is a mission given by Dr. Zed after Sledge: Battle For The Badlands is turned in. This mission opens up the next area of the game, The Dahl Headlands.



Travel to the Dahl Headland and speak with Ernest Whitting.

  • Claptrap talked to: 0/1
  • Ernest found: 0/1
"Pierce agreed to bump up your clearance level. She wants you to go to New Haven and meet with her. So, drive west to the Dahl Headland gate, and speak with the Claptrap robot there. He'll let you through. When you get past the gate, talk with Ernest Whitting on the other side. He knows the Headland better than anyone, and can bring you up to speed."


Drive to the transition point and speak with the claptrap and go through. Once through to Dahl Headlands follow the path up to the top and speak with Ernest.


"You showed up just in the nick of time. The bandits have regrouped behind some character named Mad Mel. He's apparently got it in for whoever kacked Sledge. Would that be you?"

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