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Legendary Reaper
Legendary Reaper Mod
I eat your soul.
Manufacturer: Bandit
Type: Class Mod
Model: Legendary Reaper
Game Borderlands 2

Legendary Reaper is a legendary class mod for the Psycho manufactured by Bandit. It can drop from any suitable loot source, but has an increased chance to drop from Chubby enemies. Use of the Legendary Reaper class mod requires the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two DLC.

Special Effects

"This is gonna get ugly."

Affected Variable

All variants of the Legendary Reaperclass mod grant the following bonuses up to:

  • Team Kill Skill Duration: +99 %


The Legendary Reaper class mod does not spawn with any optional prefixes.

Skill Bonuses

All variants of the Legendary Reaper class mod grant the following bonuses:


  • Variants of the Legendary Reaper class mod below level 50 will have lower attribute bonuses than +5, but can not be obtained through legitimate means.


  • Kill skill duration is a bonus unique to the Legendary Reaper, its common variant; and the Blister (although not as a team bonus). Unlike team bonuses from other class mods, it is not available through any other means in the game.

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