The Lil' Scavenger Beast is a unique kraggon used as a mount by scavs in Outlands Spur. Superficially it resembles a Kraggon Avalanche, but is also adorned with a harness and saddlebags, and is ridden by a Lil' Scav. They never spawn on their own but are created when the Scavenger Beast is killed.


The Lil' Scavenger Beast is encountered at the Processing Plant front gate and Height's Perch Camp during the mission Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion.



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  • Most often, Lil' Scaveenger Beast is of Cryo type but there's an extremely small chance for Incendiary-based Lil' Scavenger Beast to spawn instead.
  • When killed, and depending whether was it Cryo or Incendiary type, the Lil' Scavenger Beast splits into pair of Kraggon Snowballs or pair of Kraggon Pebbles.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Lil' Goaded Scavenger Beast, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Lil' Provoked Scavenger Beast.