(Accept mission)

Jack: Sooo, that Dahl dude we put into the Moonshot Cannon is probably super-dead. But what if we used loaders instead? I could send 'em anywhere, anytime, and they could... I dunno, hit things with their... fork arms. Whatever robots do. I need you to roll out some loaders and get 'em into the moonshot.

(Use console)

Jack: If these loaders survive the moonshot, they'll fight alongside YOU on the moon's surface! God, can you imagine it? Armies of robot soldiers just killing bandits left and right? It's gonna be sweet.

Dahl Soldier: They're doing somethin' with the loaders! Blow 'em apart!

Jack: Same deal as last time -- just get 'em to the Moonshot Cannon and make sure they don't get blown to hell.

Dahl Soldier: That's it! Target the loaders!

(Loaders are damaged)

Loader: Vault Hunters. They're shooting us.

Dahl Soldier: Loader terminated!

Loader: Ow ow ow. Ow. Owww.

Dahl Soldier: Loader down!

(Rack reaches cannon)

Jack: They're loaded up -- fire the moonshot!

(Use console)

Jack: Ohhh, that's just beautiful! Y'know, I need to wire a sound system up to that thing so it plays opera every time it fires or something. GOD, that is so cool! Alright, what do we got? Did the loaders make it down there?

Loader: Status update. We are not dead. Moonshot transport successful.

Jack: Come on back whenevs.

(Turn in)

Jack: I think we could be onto something here.

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