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The Lost Cave is a subterranean area, located in the centre of The Arid Badlands and location of the Shock Crystal Harvest mission. The other main highlight of The Lost Cave is a Claptrap in the middle of the cave system, offering the mission, Claptrap Rescue: The Lost Cave.





The Cave consists of mostly skags, a few larva crab worms and two bandit outposts. The first encounter will be with four larva crabs. Then, there will be a fork in the road. The left branch heads deeper into the cave system and fight some more crabs, while the right will be a fight with a group of Alpha Skags. Due to lack of corrosive or powerful equipment early in the Borderlands campaign, it might be ignored, but there is a safespot that will aid in combat.

Deeper into the cave are a few more larva crab worms. Beyond them, and to the right is a red chest and a save point. To the left is a basic skag den, possibly containing alpha elemental skags. Further ahead a medium-sized bandit outpost hides a red chest down a left branch.

Another regular skag den is on the way to the final bandit outpost, proceeding deeper leads to a large cavern that is full of regular Alpha Skags. There are two red chests at the end of this cavern.


  • The crab worms present in the Lost Cave are exceptionally vulnerable to critical hits, yield high experience rewards, and respawn regularly.
  • Shock Crystal Harvest and the Claptrap rescue both need to be completed for Made in Fyrestone achievement.

Points of Interest

  • There is a Med Vendor and an Ammo Vendor near the entrance.
  • Six red weapon chests throughout the Lost Cave.
  • A New-U Station near the entrance offers Fast Travel capability.
  • A damaged Claptrap is located in the second Bandit camp that awards a Backpack SDU (but no red chest).

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