This is a guide to all the weapons crates in the Lost Cave.


Location 1: Second New-U Station

Related Mission: Shock Crystal Harvest

After leaving from the Transit Point from The Arid Badlands or the Fast Travel station, a path will appear within view. Walk down it. Upon reaching the end of it, Larva Crab Worms should be there or appear out of the ground. As you come to an intersection, take the left path. After taking the left, take a right at the second intersection. A small hill should appear on the right; Go up there. Upon rounding the bend, the red weapon crate should be visible next to a New-U Station.

Location 2: Near second New-U Station

Related Mission: Shock Crystal Harvest

From the first location weapons crate, go left up a small hill to the left. Beware! Lots of Skags roam there! After the Skags have been eliminated, go to the left. After a few rocks, the weapon crate should be on a plank of wood.

Location 3 & 4: Near broken Claptrap

Related Mission: Claptrap Rescue: The Lost Cave

Upon reaching the Claptrap, turn left. There should be a walkway slightly to the right. Follow that and the weapons crate is in there.

Go back to the Claptrap and turn left. There should be another weapons crate there as well.

Location 5 & 6: End of the map

Related Mission: Claptrap Rescue: The Lost Cave

There are a lot of Skags and Bandits on the way to these chests, it's all the way on the opposite side of the map. Down near the further end are two weapon crates. Beware the Skags..

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