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The Luck Cannon is a legendary pistol manufactured by Jakobs added in The Claptastic Voyage. The Luck Cannon is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Adbugs.

Special Weapon Effects

Better lucky than good! – Vastly increased base damage. Magazine size is restricted to a single bullet.

Usage & Description


  • Multiple points in free shot skills such as Jack's Absolute Advantage and Athena's Elemental Barrage can allow chains of shots before reloads, rather the single shot in the magazine.
  • Nisha's Fistful of Bullets skill can help to negate the low magazine size, effectively giving an added 300% increase to the maximum shots available before reloading.
  • Despite the fact that the pistol deals bonus explosive damage, it is still considered to be a non-elemental weapon, allowing Nisha's Magnificent Six to include its bonus damage increase, and preventing any penalties when used with Aurelia's Next to Cleanliness.
  • The Luck Cannon may spawn with a "Two-fer" prefix, in which case it will fire two shots at once, and the additional projectile will be detracted directly from the ammo pool. Either or both bullets may inflict the trademark explosive effect.
  • The chance to add the explosive bonus damage correlates to the distance it was fired from, increasing the chance when shot at a long distance.
  • The Luck Cannon synergizes very well with Nisha's Short Fuse skill, which (after killing an enemy), has a chance to grant bonus explosive damage, with higher chances for closer enemies.


  • This weapon has a similar material to the one used by the Hammer Buster, another legendary weapon manufactured by Jakobs.
  • The red text is a reference to a saying that Lefty Gomez, a baseball player for the San Francisco Seals coined. Claptrap says this often as well.



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