Lucky Zaford is a non-player character in Borderlands.


Lucky Zaford is the proprietor of Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole. At some point in the past he allegedly "busted the girl parts" of Scooter's momma, which caused a bitter rift between the two and made Scooter want to kill him. Eventually, Scooter pulled it off, causing a clan war, and according to the Peter Zaford, Lucky's brother and the Zaford clan's Bagman, Scooter buried him alive in a shallow grave. The Zafords mourn Lucky's death annually by getting drunk. Lucky is also revealed in Borderlands 2 to be the son of the Zaford clan leader Mick Zaford.


Bandits have invaded Lucky's bar and are holding the barman captive. Scooter grudgingly admits that Lucky's survival will afford the adventurers a great asset in the battles to come, and urges the Vault hunters to rescue the man. Scooter's ulterior motives also include keeping Lucky alive so Scooter himself can exact full revenge for Lucky's past transgressions.

Once freed, Lucky will offer several missions leading to Mad Mel.


Lucky offers the following missions:



  • "Zaford" is a reference to the Gearbox developer Zach Ford, who was responsible for mission scripting.
  • Lucky also owns a bar in Jakobs Cove, although it is inaccessible and never mentioned in the plot.
  • In the Borderlands 2 mission Clan War: Wakey Wakey, Lucky's middle name is revealed to be Sleveen.

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