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MINAC's Atonement is a unique laser manufactured by Maliwan added in Claptastic Voyage. MINAC's Atonement can be obtained as a mission reward after completing Rose Tinting.

Special Weapon Effects

I'm not always that dangerously homicidal… - Consumes 2 ammo per shot, higher damage output in exchange for slower rate of fire. Each shot fired is randomly selected to be Corrosive, Incendiary or Shock.

Usage & Description

MINAC's Atonement is interesting for a Maliwan weapon, due to it being able to kill enemies from sheer damage alone, compared to standard Maliwan weapons that tend to rely on heavy damage over time. Due to it switching elements with every shot, MINAC's Atonement can be used on a wide range of enemies without being heavily resisted, and will still deal reliable damage over time.

Additionally, MINAC's Atonement has a 150% continuous damage bonus, which encourages emptying the magazine to amplify the weapon's already high damage. This weapon also benefits greatly from fire rate bonuses, for the same reason.


  • The weapon's damage-over-time is not listed on its weapon card.

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