M0RQ 01
Never had a friend like me.
Manufacturer: Anshin
Model: M0RQ
Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
[M0RQ Variants]

The M0RQ is a legendary adaptive shield manufactured by Anshin added in Claptastic Voyage. It is found in a hidden chest in the Motherlessboard, near the platform D1GN1TY-TP resides on. To find it, start from the entrance to Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K and proceed through the long orange datastream, then jump down on the first platform. The room containing the chest is accessible by dropping down from the ledge with the New-U station and air-boosting inside. [Map] [View of room]

Special Shield Effects

A face in the crowd. I fit right in. – Increased max health, high elemental resistance, and decreased shield capacity. Unique voice module that imitates the late Robin Williams.

Usage & Description

The M0RQ's heavy elemental resistance is useful for shrugging off status effects. While it has a low shield capacity, its high bonus health allow characters with health-replenishing abilities to function effectively, even when the shield is depleted.


  • On some characters, the red chest that contains the shield would be already opened, making the shield unobtainable without trading or using the Grinder.


  • The M0RQ's name, flavour text, and spoken lines are all references to Robin Wiliams' show, Mork & Mindy.

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