Mag-Lock is a tier 4 skill in Axton's Survival skill tree. This skill gives the 'sticky effect' to the Sabre Turret which allows it to be deployed on walls and ceilings.


  • Turret Sticky: +100%


  • Once the Sabre Turret is deployed onto something with Mag-lock skill active, it remains in that position until it is reclaimed/expired/destroyed. This can cause it to float in mid-air if deployed on temporary surfaces such as an ION Loader's shield bubble; when the shield shuts off, the turret remains floating in place.
  • Also, deploying the turret on surfaces that are neither perfectly horizontal nor vertical appears to slow down the turret's rotation speed when acquiring new targets.



Axton Skills
Sabre Turret
Guerrilla Gunpowder Survival

Forbearance • Gemini • Grit • Healthy • Last Ditch Effort • Mag-Lock • Phalanx Shield • Preparation • Pressure • Quick Charge • Resourceful

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