Make it Sparkle is the Tier 6 Action Skill Upgrade in Gaige's Little Big Trouble skill tree, which gives her the power to imbue Deathtrap's claws with elemental damage.


Shooting Deathtrap with an elemental weapon will charge Deathtrap with that same element. Deathtrap will then retain this elemental charge until either a) Gaige hits him with a different elemental weapon, or b) his timer runs out.

His melee attacks inflict additional elemental damage equal to twice his base melee damage. Ranks in Strength of Five Gorillas, Upshot Robot, or Made of Sterner Stuff do not increase this. His normal, nonelemental damage will still be applied at the same time as the elemental hit.

Additionally, each individual hit of Robot Rampage will also trigger bonus damage.

Special Skill Text

"Robots are like vampires: they sparkle when hit with incendiary rounds."


The means by which Deathtrap may change colors is unknown, as sometimes it may become the color of the element, while at other times only its claws will show the element.


  • The text for this skill is a reference to the Vampires featured in Stephanie Meyers' "Twilight" novels, who would "sparkle" when in direct sunlight.
  • Taking this skill adds two fin-like pieces of metal to the sides of Deathtrap's head, almost like ears; and glowing blue lights all over its body.

Gaige Skills
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