A marauder is an enemy featured in Borderlands 2. They typically fill the role of a basic bandit infantry unit equipped with small arms.

Marauder Enemies


Marauder - Basic marauders rarely use shields, therefore making incendiary weapons very effective against them. They mainly carry pistols which will occasionally have an Elemental Damage effect. Sometimes, a marauder will pull out a knife and charge in close for a melee attack, similar to a psycho. They wear standard bandit clothing, albeit with minor differences based upon which clan they are from. Some wear sheets on their heads instead of the usual bandit masks.

  • Marauders have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Marauder
    • TVHM: Outlaw Marauder
    • UVHM: Outlaw




  • Shotty's been achin' for something to kill!
  • Welcome to Pandora!
  • You ain't getting out of this!
  • Get ready to scream!
  • You'll be screaming when I'm done!
  • Uh, guys?
  • Dunno who you are but die!
  • I'm shooting at the right people yeah!?
  • Maybe I'll finally get some respect!
  • Yeah, die!
  • I'm confused!
  • You blow!
  • I'm gonna-- Uh...
  • Vault Hunters! Let's rip 'em!
  • Maybe I'll still let you go!
  • I'll blast you into chunks!
  • I'll let my shotgun do the talk!
  • I'm coming for you!
  • Never should've come here!
  • Time to die!
  • Vault Hunters not welcome!
  • Why won't you die?!
  • New gun? For meee??
  • Come on out, bitch!
  • Shotty wants to say hi-iii!
  • You're nothing! NOTHING!
  • You lookin' at shotty? Don't look at my shotty!
  • Die, Vault Hunter!
  • You can't handle this!
  • Finally, someone to kill!
  • Finally, some murdering!
  • You don't wanna see me when I'm angry! (Referencing the Hulk)
  • You gonna cry baby?
  • I won't kill ya! (laughs) I promise!
  • Shotguuuuun rhinoplasty!
  • You're not ready for me!
  • I'm the one who knocks!
  • Die!... I guess.
  • I don't know what's going on!
  • It's time for shotty's pound!
  • Bucky wants to say hi to your face!
  • How 'bout a faceful of buckshot?
  • You're so stupid that um... bang bang!
  • You can't handle me!
  • Thank god, some action!
  • You're even dumber than me!
  • You're irritating me!

When taking orders from a Nomad

  • Don't tell me what to do! 
  • What a dumbass order.
  • Stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  • Finally, a good idea!
  • Way ahead of ya!
  • Now why the hell would I wanna do that?
  • How many should I throw? (When told to throw a grenade)
  • Pull the pin, then throw, right? (When told to throw a grenade)
  • It's grenade-o'clock! (When told to throw a grenade)
  • Grenade? Hell yeah! (When told to throw a grenade)

When throwing a grenade

  • Present for ya!
  • Catch this with your mouth!
  • Open wiiiiide!
  • Go to hell!
  • This is for you!
  • Grenaaade!
  • Throwin' grenade!
  • Grenade out!
  • Explooode!
  • 'nade out!
  • 'Naaade!

When grenade is thrown

  • That a grenade?
  • Hey! Is that a grenade?!
  • Whoa!
  • Aw, crap! Grenaaade!
  • Look out shotty!
  • Grenade!!
  • Grenade. So what?
  • I can handle the explosion!
  • Is that what I think it is?
  • 'Nade-- 'Naaade!!
  • I can handle a grenade!
  • That's the best you've got?
  • Weird. Grenade.
  • What's that?
  • Huh. Grenade.
  • What're you throwing rocks at me for?
  • Why'd you throw that?
  • What is this?
  • No-- 'Nade!
  • Oh, a grenade.

Taking critical hit

  • Don't worry shotty, I'm fine.
  • I've been shot in the face before!
  • Lucky shot!
  • Not a problem!
  • Stupid!
  • You stupid son of a...!
  • Ridiculous!
  • It's the headache!
  • That was nothing, agh!
  • Not the head!
  • Screw you!
  • Aw, hell!
  • I don't think so!
  • No more...!
  • Cut it out!
  • My face!
  • Why?!
  • Come on!
  • Come on, bro...!
  • You... jackhole!
  • Oh, I'll pay you back for that!

Mortally wounded

  • I think my organs are liquified...
  • My guts feel like swiss cheese!
  • This is not... goddamn possible...
  • I can't feel my legs...!

Ally killed

  • Hey! I kinda liked that guy!
  • Whatsyourname! Noooo!!
  • You have guts to be doing that to a bandit!
  • Only I can shoot my friends!
  • Nobody shoots my buddies but me!
  • He had it comin'!
  • Hey, I get his bunk now!
  • Now I don't have to take orders from him anymore! (Nomad killed)
  • Thank goodness, I was tired of getting orders! (Nomad killed)
  • Boss? You still there? Boss?! (Nomad killed)
  • Boss, they killed you! What do I do?! (Nomad killed)
  • Why'd he stop giving orders? (Nomad killed)
  • Where's the boss? (Nomad killed)
  • Who's the boss? (Nomad killed)
  • Can I be the boss now? (Nomad killed)
  • I was gonna kill him later!
  • Hey! I'm the one who was going to kill him!
  • Ha ha! Remember when you killed him? That was funny!
  • He's dead, I'm alive, sounds about right.
  • Why'd he fall down?!
  • Is he dead?!
  • Why is everybody dying?!
  • Did he just die?!
  • Hey! Stop killing people!
  • Meh, he was a dick.
  • They killed one of us! That's bad, right?
  • Hey, I was gonna kill that guy!

Elemental damage - Slag

  • Guhh- Slag!
  • It tastes like piss!
  • Oh, it smells!
  • It's in my hair!


  • Bury me with shotty...
  • I can't believe this...
  • But... I'm so... cool...
  • This does not conform to my reputation...
  • But I'm a badass...
  • You cheated...
  • But... I had the bigger gun...
  • Skaglicker...
  • I'm sorry... shotty...
  • Uuuuuuuugh-ohgod-ohgod! (when killed with fire)
  • I'm not done!
  • Screw you!
  • So... confused...
  • What the... hell?
  • You got... lucky... bro...
  • I'm cold... so cold...

Player fleeing

  • Not worth it!
  • Yeah, run away!
  • W-where did you go?
  • I'm staying back!
  • Smartest thing you've done!

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