Marcus Kincaid is an arms dealer on Pandora. He owns all the ammunition and Weapon Vending Machines.

Marcus is a merchant character with next to no morals. He is also extremely aggressive towards his rival arms dealers going as far as to have them killed or have their stock burned. Indeed, in Borderlands 2, his vending machines say that he "made sure of that." Marcus also has a very strong "no refunds" policy; in his intro cutscene in Borderlands 2, he is seen shooting a customer asking for a refund with what he claimed was a defective gun. Despite this, he is not above thanking people who do things which turn out well for him.

Despite his aggressive, business dealings, Marcus is shown to be very acquainted with the Vault Hunters. After Roland's death, Marcus is visibly saddened, despite their arguments over his business, specifically Marcus supplying bandits with weapons. Later in the storyline, he gives the Vault Hunters a free weapon, not because Hyperion is disrupting his arms trade, but because Handsome Jack is a "greedy murdering sonofabitch who needs to die screaming."


Marcus was originally an arms dealer allied with either the Dahl or Atlas corporations before the Vault hunters made their way to the planet. His current affiliations are unknown, although he maintains a mercenary outlook on life, which has him dealing frequently with the main characters. He sells weapons from all except the Eridian and Gearbox weapon manufacturers. During Borderlands he is the only current purveyor of weapons, while in Borderlands 2 he is the only non-Hyperion weapons purveyor. Despite his numerous weapon vendors and advertisements for his business, it is written in very small text, on his vendors that he is in fact, "unauthorized" to sell weapons on the planet.

It is also hinted that Marcus also sold daily supplies to Pandora residents, as he is the first person to be suspicious of where Patricia Tannis's supply comes from, due to the latter never buys from him.


Marcus is the driver of the bus that brings the original four Vault hunters to the town of Fyrestone at the beginning of Borderlands. After the Vault hunters complete some tasks around Fyrestone, Marcus opens up his weapon and ammo vendors in the town. He runs and maintains the weapon and ammo vendors found throughout Pandora. Marcus himself lives in New Haven, and offers a few optional missions when the Vault hunters arrive there.

In The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC, Marcus is the one who hacks Ned's Claptrap and leaves a message to go to the abandoned lab (as depicted in the ending cutscene).

In Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, Marcus is revealed to have been Mad Moxxi's third husband. While he does not personally appear in that DLC, he still provides his services to the Vault hunters, such as with the new Marcus Bank.

In The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Marcus has a weapons store in T-Bone Junction and provides a few missions in the DLC, most notably after he purchases the ruined Crimson Armory.

In Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, Marcus has opened a new weapons store in the Tartarus Station. Upon talking to him, Marcus offers several missions.

Between the events of Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Marcus moved to Sanctuary at Roland's request. However, he sells weapons to both the Crimson Raiders and Bloodshots, the latter treating him like a god and having created a shrine at Bloodshot Ramparts, despite Roland's insistence that he doesn't.

Marcus is the main mission provider in How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day.



New Haven

Optional missions:

T-Bone Junction

Optional missions:

Tartarus Station

Optional missions:

Borderlands 2



In-Game Quotes

  • Don't worry about saying goodbye; I'm sure we'll do this all again soon enough. - said in the bus, this is a reference to the 2nd Playthrough
  • You've done well! I've decided to reopen my Fyrestone franchise, thanks to you! Head into town and buy some new gear!
  • I understand that believing in the improbable gives us hope, but if that Vault existed, someone would have found it decades ago. - before Seek Out Tannis
  • Far be it from me to put a damper on chasing a dream, but that Vault's about as likely as having Skags invite us to a tea party. One lump or two? - before Seek Out Tannis
  • I'm pretty sure I've seen this rock from top to bottom - if that Vault did exist, you can bet I'd know. - before Seek Out Tannis
  • So maybe I was wrong about the Vault, but I'm sure glad I was! - after Seek Out Tannis
  • Well, it's like I've been saying... each day brings new possibilities. Yesterday: no Vault, today: Vault! - after Seek Out Tannis
  • Hell, I'd give half my stock to charity to get a peek in that Vault - I bet I'd make double back just off one piece of what's in there! - after Seek Out Tannis
  • I should warn you about Tannis. There is something strange about her. We haven't had a supply transport come in years. The commerce grid shows no log of her ever using any of my trade stations. But she must be getting resupplied somehow. - ECHO message
  • The next time you see Tannis, tell her to come see me in New Haven. Wherever she's getting her supplies, I know I can make her a better deal. - ECHO message
  • I'm extremely connected here - people want something, they go through me. Tannis, though... she's got support from someone else - someone even I can't track down. - after The Next Piece
  • You gotta admire the kind of drive she's got, but I think she'd hiding something. - after The Next Piece
  • Tannis? I hear she's a little, you know, out there. Keeps to herself mostly. - after The Next Piece
  • Well, those Crimson Lance fellows came with nice stuff, but stuff breaks - and when it does guess who they'll need? - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
  • One thing's for sure - if the Lance are here, Atlas hasn't abandoned this planet. - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
  • Hey, new soldiers means business, can't be bad. - after Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down
  • Ah! The ECHO Network is back up! I'm guessing we have you to thank for that? If you need anything at all, remember to use the commerce grid! I'm sure there's something helpful for you there, partner! - During Find Steele, upon entering The Salt Flats
The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
  • Hello! Marcus here! I've got an opportunity for you. Come see me at my place in T-Bone Junction.
  • I've managed to purchase the warehouse you blew up. You'd be amazed at how much I managed to salvage. If you do some work for me, I'll let you have a little shopping spree. What do you say?" - Before Mop Up
Claptrap's New Robot Revolution
  • Hey, I've got a job for you. Meet me at my shop.
  • It's a beautiful day on Pandora. Well, apart from the mechanical armageddon... - Cutscene intro
  • Those robotic bastard have stolen my bus tires! Joke's on them. Those tires have been flat for years. Go down to the Dump and find six good-looking tires to spruce the old girl up. - Upon acquiring Burnin’ Rubber
  • All this fighting has been good for business, but I'm running low on stock, especially my line of fine chotchkies. I'll pay you handsomely if you can 'acquire' some bobble-heads from around the Hyperion Factory Complex. - Upon acquiring Taking Stock
  • Hey, I've got a hot date for tonight. Don't give me that look. I have rugged charm. Not that I need any help, but you know what would really drive the ladies wild, eh? The best cologne, made from the musk of the skags in Scorched Snake Canyon. Get me some musk glands and rakk hive ambergris so I can smell extra nice for my lady friend. You'll be compensated, of course. - Upon acquiring Old Spicy
  • Turned me down...ME! Said I was a smelly, cretinous oaf. That batshit crazy Tannis don't know what she's missing. Ahh, heartbreak makes me hungry, and only Captain Sanders' Famous Pandora Fried Rakk can mend a broken heart. - Upon acquiring Eleven Rakk And Spices
  • Upon approach:
    • A day without slaughter is like a day without sunshine.
    • Ah, excellent, another valued customer!
    • Ay! Welcome back!
    • Come in, come in. Have a look around.
    • Don't be shy, come right in!
    • Heeey! You're not dead yet!
    • Maybe I got something for you, eh?
    • If I can't find you what you need, it can't be found on Pandora.
    • Guns! Fresh guns for sale!
  • Upon leaving:
    • Buddy, don't you got nothin' better to do?
    • Get lost!
    • I hope to see you again soon.
    • Pleasure to be doing business with you!
    • Quit Loitering. You're scaring off the customers!
    • Remember me when you get some more cash to burn.
    • What more do you want from me?
    • You're cramping my style. Go!

Vending Machine Quotes

  • Generic quotes:
    • Don't go with gear you stripped off a dead bandit! Get a Marcus Weapon!
    • Don't know who to trust? You can always trust the gun at your side!
    • In a world of no guarantees, you can always count on Marcus guns!
    • Only buy the best... if the Vault is real, you'll be able to afford it!
    • Whether you are killing bad guys or exploring the unknown, you need a trusty gun by your side!
    • You can never be too rich, too good looking or too well armed!
  • Referencing the Crimson Lance:
    • The Crimson Lance got nothing on my weapons!
    • Teach those Lance guys a thing or two about firepower!
    • The Lance are the best-armed mercs out there. You need something better!
  • Referencing gun manufacturers:
    • Atlas spares no expense in making guns that excel in every area.
    • Buy an Atlas, and you too can see what it feels like to hold the power of the gods in your hands.
    • Dahl makes guns for professional mercs. They're heavy, accurate and effective, assuming you're strong enough to hold one!
    • Dahl's guns absorb a lot of recoil, allowing you to stay accurate throughout the fight!
    • Hyperion asks, what good is a gun that doesn't shoot where you point? Get a gun that's as accurate as you are!
    • Enemies only die if you hit 'em. So buy Hyperion today!
    • Jakobs guns do one thing really well: Power! And honestly, what else do you need?
    • If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs!
    • Is shooting bullets just not cool enough for you? Get a Maliwan, and light some people on fire!
    • Maliwan guns shoot more lightning than the next leading competitor!
    • The S&S philosophy is: Tech plus Ammo capacity equals I WIN!
    • If you find that your gun just doesn't hold enough bullets, then S&S has the solution: More bullets! All S&S guns have extended magazines.
    • Cheap, reliable, lightweight, and incredibly fast reload speeds. Tediore makes an easy-to-use gun!
    • If you are on a budget, Tediore is always the way to go.
    • Torgue combines good damage, high fire rate, and recoil reduction into one lethal weapon.
    • Four-hundred percent more awesome! Also, Torgue doesn't make their guns out of freakin' wood. - Reference To Jakobs weapons
    • Vladof! You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!
    • Want to shoot a lot of bullets really fast? Vladof has your needs covered!

The following quotes are anomalous in that they refer to items bought and sold from machines that are maintained by Dr. Zed rather than Marcus. Marcus may simply be encouraging his customers to keep themselves alive so they can continue to buy his products.

  • A sniper without a sniper COM is just a guy with a gun. Buy the COM that's right for you.
  • COMs can improve accuracy, regenerate ammo, or even heal you. Get yours right here!
  • Even the best gunman gets hit from time to time, so make sure your shield is up to par!
  • Even the best gun jams once in a while, so make sure your shield is up to par!
  • The best defense is not a good offense... it's a good defense! So get yourself a shield!
Borderlands 2
  • Generic quotes
    • Catch-a-gun! Guh, I'm never doing that again.
    • You won't find better merchandise anywhere else! I've made sure of that.
    • Why loot the dead when you can buy from me?
    • Let me know if anything catches your eye.
    • Feeling overburdened by money?
    • Haven't found anything good? My weapon machines will fix that for you!
    • Let's just get this out of the way - yes, most of my merchandise was ripped from the hands of dead adventurers.
    • A fantastic day for capitalism!
    • When you think murder - think Marcus munitions!
    • Guns, guns, guns!
    • Buy a gun, already!
  • When buying/selling
    • You're my millionth customer! Don't let it go to your head.
    • No refunds.
    • Thanks for the scratch!
    • Lovely!
    • Nothing like a good sale!
    • Caveat emptor! (Latin for "Let the buyer beware")
  • When leaving
    • ​Don't die, I need your business!
    • Two words my friend: no refunds.
    • Goodbye, friend! If you shop anywhere else I'll have you killed!
    • I'm always happy to take your money!
    • Tell your friends: Marcus munitions!
    • Remember, we're always open!
    • See you soon!
    • Always happy to do business with a Vault Hunter!
    • Your cash ain't worth a thing if you don't spend it!


  • In Borderlands 2, when shopping from Marcus in Sanctuary directly, audio clips from the vending machine are still played.
  • Marcus is the primary narrator of many of the introduction movies at the start of the Borderlands games.


  • Not only does Marcus sell most of the guns and ammunition on Pandora, but he even has his own set of playing cards. In Treacher's Landing, where the You're on a boat! achievement can be obtained, there is a box with several playing cards on top of it. One side of each card features Marcus's business logo, while the other shows the card number and suit (a pair of queens can be seen).
  • On Marcus's weapon vendors, it is written in very small text that he is in fact "unauthorized" to sell weapons on the planet.
  • In The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, his name is spelled with a "k".
  • In the trailer for Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot it is hinted that Mad Moxxi was, at one point, married to Marcus. He was her third husband, calling him "good with numbers".
  • He allegedly comes from seven generations of weapon dealers. There is a portrait of Marcus, (along with Marcus II, III, and IV), hanging on the wall of the bank in the Underdome, as well as on the walls of his shop in T-Bone Junction.
  • At the end of Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, during Marcus's staged death, he references the Jakobs motto, "If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs!" in his dying words.
  • Marcus has attempted to date Tannis, as evidenced by dialogue in the missions Old Spicy and Eleven Rakk And Spices, as well as by the end credits of Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. While he states that the date failed thanks to Tannis standing him up, he later reveals that he made that up.
  • In Borderlands 2, the vending machines have batteries attached to the top right corner. They read "Energy by Marcus".
  • After Sanctuary gets relocated, his name changes from Marcus Kincaid, to just Marcus when sighted in gun crosshairs.
  • Marcus credits his obesity to advice from Mad Moxxi that suggested that when he looked weak, people would heavily underestimate him.