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For other uses, see Meat Grinder.

The Meat Grinder is a unique submachine gun manufactured by scavs. It can be obtained from Meat Head as a random drop during the mission Rough Love.

Special Weapon Effects

The lead rain falls! – Fires three bullets at the cost of two ammo per shot. Increased damage and magazine size and slightly increased elemental chance. Drastically reduced accuracy and reload speed.

Usage & Description

The Meat Grinder's base damage is only marginally increased compared to similar Scav weapons, but its true strength is in its projectile count, giving it an effective fire rate of 20.0+. As a result, it is obscenely powerful at close range, and can tear through enemies with greater ease than many shotguns. However, it suffers from abysmal accuracy, never greater than 50.0. As such, it is poor even at mid range, unless used against enemies so massive accuracy simply doesn't matter. Despite its crippling accuracy flaws, the Meat Grinder can prove to be a powerful asset in the right situations and should not be overlooked.



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