Dr. Zed: You know what can make a bullet hole, that ain't a bullet? Cause I friggin' don't. I've been seein' some confusin' wounds comin' from Three Horns. Head down there and find out what kinda weapon's causin' 'em. An old rival of mine named Doc Mercy's usin' it. Don't let that name fool ya -- unlike me, he's more interested in creatin' wounds than patchin' 'em up. Also unlike me, he actually has a medical license.

(Vault Hunter heads over to Three Horns Valley, kills bandits, and meets Doc Mercy ....)

Doc Mercy: Keep your mitts off my toy! Finders keepers, losers DIE!

Dr. Zed: Now, what in the hell's he got? Looks like you found what's been perforatin' my clientele -- do me a solid and get that gun from 'im.

(Vault Hunter kills Doc Mercy ....)

Dr. Zed: What good's yer fancy-pancy med school degree now, huh, Mercy? Good job, Vault Hunter -- search his body and see if you can't grab that weird-ass gun off him.

(Vault Hunter searches Doc Mercy's corpse ...)

Dr. Zed: I'll be damned -- that's E-tech!"

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