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Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate

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Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate
Location Three Horns - Valley
Given By Doc Mercy
Rewards E-tech pistol
True Vault Hunter Mode
Level 36
Rewards 2398-10900 XP, E-tech pistol
Previous Medical Mystery
Game Borderlands 2
Mission Type Optional mission

Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.



  • Kill 25 Bandits with the E-tech weapon.


Once the E-tech gun is acquired, and Dr. Zed gives his spiel, a number of psychos will spawn and attack. The objective is to kill 25, and the first waves will provide 14 bandits to further that goal. Their health can be whittled down with damage from any source, but only kills made with the E-tech gun will help to fill the quota.


"Well done, brainy. Because of your research, Dr. Zed know that E-tech weapons, while visually distinctive and scientifically advanced, are still really good at killing stuff."

Turn In: Dr. Zed


  • Enemies which count towards the kill count for this mission include bandits, nomads, sand pirates, and any midget or badass versions thereof.
  • The mission Assassinate the Assassins is nearby and provides an ample source of additional bandits to kill with the mission weapon.
  • The Bandit BlASSter mission item has a chance to be non-elemental, breaking the rules of E-tech weaponry. This is especially likely in Normal mode, but can occur in True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode as well. The bug can trigger both when the weapon is initially given as well as if the player quits and restarts the game while the mission is in progress.
    • Other, less visible omissions may also occur. The mission weapon may also spawn without an accessory (e.g. increased stability, etc.) or without a scope, both of which are not normally allowed for E-tech weapons.
  • Kills made with other weapons may randomly be counted towards the kill count for this mission. Any weapons that deal splash damage will be added towards the mission objective.


  • The mission's name is a reference to the X-COM series of games.

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